Anderson Dock / Francis Hardy Gallery


Photo Credit: Duluth To Door County Photography

Anderson Dock stands as an iconic Door County landmark that effortlessly blends natural beauty with artistic expression. Amidst the scenic shores of Lake Michigan, one particular structure at Anderson Dock has captured the hearts and lenses of visitors from far and wide. This barn, adorned with a mesmerizing collage of graffiti names, has become a must-visit spot for photography enthusiasts, history buffs, and art lovers alike.

The barn’s weathered wooden exterior has been transformed into a vibrant tapestry of graffiti names. The barn’s walls proudly display a kaleidoscope of colors, tags, and artwork, forming a striking contrast against the serene backdrop of Door County’s natural landscapes. Each stroke of paint tells a unique story, representing the collective artistic spirit of the individuals who have left their mark here.

The allure of Anderson Dock’s graffiti barn lies in its ability to ignite the imagination and evoke a sense of curiosity. Photographers, both amateur and professional, flock to this site to capture the juxtaposition of urban art against the rustic barn’s weathered façade. The ever-changing canvas ensures that no two visits are the same, making it a treasure trove for those seeking visually captivating shots and artistic inspiration.

Beyond its artistic appeal, Anderson Dock offers breathtaking views of Lake Michigan and the picturesque surrounding landscapes. As you explore the area, you’ll be treated to scenic vistas, gentle lake breezes, and the peaceful sound of lapping waves. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or simply an admirer of beauty, the combination of the graffiti barn and its natural surroundings makes Anderson Dock an idyllic location for capturing unforgettable moments.

While the graffiti on the barn may evolve and change over time, the essence of Anderson Dock as a creative and cultural landmark remains intact. Visitors are encouraged to respect and appreciate the artistry while also cherishing the historical significance of this unique site. The continued interest and support from visitors contribute to the preservation and legacy of Anderson Dock for generations to come.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


3083 Anderson Ln, Ephraim, WI 54211

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Anderson Dock is right off Highway 42 in Ephraim, north of Pine Grove Resort and the Ephraim Yacht Club, and behind the Anderson Store Museum. There is a small parking lot.

Tips For First Timers

Like most popular attractions in Door County, Anderson Dock is a magnet for tourists during the summer and autumn months.


The Hardy Gallery

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Spring, Summer, Fall

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Afternoon, Evening

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Architecture, Art, Fine art, Historical, Landmark, Outdoor, Panoramic, Sunset, Water, Winter

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